Once you’ve installed your plugins and configured your deployment strategy you’re ready to deploy!

ember-cli-deploy currently supports 3 commands, each of them takes a first mandatory argument <deployTarget> (i.e. 'production') and some optional parameters.

ember deploy

Runs the main deploy pipeline that takes care of deploying your assets and your index.html file.

It optionally takes a --activate flag that also triggers the activate* hooks passing the revision that just got uploaded.


ember deploy production

ember deploy:activate

Runs a pipeline with the activate* hooks that some plugins implement to make a specific revision as the active one to be served by your backend.

Takes a mandatory --revision=revisionKey parameter.


ember deploy:activate production --revision=43cc587

ember deploy:list

Runs the fetchRevisions and displayRevisions hooks used to determine what revisions are currently available in your deployment and displays them.

See ember-cli-deploy-display-revisions for a possible output plugin.


ember deploy:list production


Each of the commands optionally takes a --verbose param that increases the logging level, you’ll be able to see the configuration options for each plugin, each hook that is being called and the optional logging that plugins provide.