The following plugins are maintained by the ember-cli-deploy core team:

The following plugins have been developed by community members:

For a wide view of the plugin ecosystem, check out a live search of npm packages with the “ember-cli-deploy-plugin” keyword.


Custom adapters written for ember-cli-deploy 0.4.x will not work with 0.5.x or higher.

In order to help users understand if a plugin is compatible with a given version of ember-cli-deploy a badges system is available.

If you’re the author of a plugin please open a PR on the ember-cli-deploy-version-badges github repo by following the instructions on the README.

Once your PR is merged you’ll be able to put a link to the generated SVG.



Anyone needing assistance in porting a 0.4.x custom adapter to a 0.5+ plugin can open an issue on the ember-cli-deploy Github repository and we’ll be happy to help.