Upgrading an App from 0.6.X to 1.0.x

Verify your plugins are 1.0.x compatible by checking the badge on their README.

1.0.x brings new configuration options for your plugin ordering that you can use.

Upgrade the plugins config

The old plugins config option is now deprecated.

This property was used to specify 3 things: ordering, disabling, aliasing:

ENV.plugins = ['build', 'redis', 's3:s3-foo'];

They are now 3 separate configurations, and you can pick only the ones you need:

ENV.pipeline = {
  alias: {
    s3: { as: ['s3-foo'] }
  disabled: {
    allExcept: ['build', 'redis', 's3-foo']
  runOrder: {
    redis: { after: 'build' },
    's3-foo': { after: 'redis' }

The new aliasing configuration is described in the cookbook

Upgrading an App from 0.5.X to 0.6.x

Verify your plugins are 0.6.x compatible by checking the badge on their README. No other changes should be required.

Upgrading an App from 0.4.X to 0.5.x

Upgrade an app that uses the Lightning strategy

To upgrade an application that used the Lightning Strategy in 0.4.X:

  • replace ember-deploy-redis with ember-cli-deploy-redis
  • remove store key in config and replace with plugin specific key (redis)
  • replace ember-deploy-s3 with ember-cli-deploy-s3
  • upgrade config/deploy.js format, see new blueprint
  • assets renamed to s3
  • install ember-cli-deploy-build
  • add new dotenv files
  • add ember-cli-deploy-revision-data
  • add ember-cli-deploy-display-revisions


For the redis plugin the default key is now app:index:current and the key is not stored with the full path just the short commit hash.

For an example of a full upgrade see this commit on the ember-deploy-demo repo.